1. Nolan

    It seems you like memes and gaming and you support pew. That’s pretty cool. Can you tell me your opinion on pewd vs. T seiris.

    p.s. anyone reading this subscribe to pewdepie

    • 1noer

      Yes, I really like memes a lot. I never miss a meme review. I really hope that Pewdiepie can stay on top and I think that the only way to do that is for all of his fans to be together. I see you are also a pewdiepie subscriber Nolan what is you favorite Pewdiepie video?

      • 13setsail2022

        Dear Noe, your commenting advice is really useful and is helpful for beginners like me. I look forward to reading more of your post in a couple of weeks.

  2. Jacob

    I loved how you put a full line of space in between each step it really helped me navigate this post well. I do agree that when people just leave bland comments it doesn’t really give me a good explanation of whey they thought my blog was good. I also love how you put the default dance in there as one of our widgets. I’m a fortnite god. Not really i’m horrible but i still play it.

  3. tannerm2019

    Hello Zoe, my name is Tanner. Some of my hobbies are playing soccer, watching Netflix, and I also really enjoy watching you tube. I have played Fortnite before but i don’t love it. What is you favorite skin?

  4. Lisa

    Hi Noe,

    We are a class from Kazakhstan participating in Student Blogging Challenge 2019. Your Commenting Guidelines are very well organized and helpful! As you can see, we try following your rules 😉

    Our blog has a post about good commenting, too. We have made posters and videos. Please, check it out!

    We would like to add that we have read your “About me”. One of us – Sasha is interested in video games just like you. If you want, read his posts.

    Let’s keep in touch 🙂
    Happy blogging!

    Tania and Lisa
    from Mrs. Matveyeva’s Class

    • 1noer

      Hello, Tania and Lisa, I am very happy that both of you love my blog I really hope you read more. What kind of video games do you guys like? I personally really like Super Smash brothers and Fortnite what do you guys like. Don’t forget to subscribe to Pewdiepie and to check out my other posts. I hope to hear from you soon.

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