The Camp Fire, And All of It’s Disastrous Effects

If any of you have been watching the news you will know that California the state that I live in, has been suffering from the largest wildfire in the history of the state. About 76 people have died in the Camp Fire and about 1,300 people are missing,  Many of you are probably wondering how I am doing and if I am anywhere near it. I am glad to tell you that I am fine and that I am not near the fire at all.

Even though I am not by the fire and have no need to evacuate here in Stockton California we are still seeing and feeling the effects of the fire because the fire is so massive we are seeing large amounts of smoke that is making the air quality really bad. On Friday there was so much smoke that the air quality was considered hazardous. Everyone was recommended to stay indoors and have a mask to cover their mouth and nose from the smoke. The air quality was 308 that day which was the worst air quality in the world that day. For a comparison places that are known for bad air quality like Hong Kong, and New Delhi had good air quality compared to Stockton. They had an air quality of 140-178, which is about 130 points lower than Stockton air quality.

Even though we are not in the best condition over here this is nothing compared to the people who have had to leave their homes because the fire was getting close to them. They deserve all the help they can get. We also have to show support and respect to the firefighters and other first responders, who are putting their lives on the line and leaving their families to go fight this large fire. I hope that the fire is put out quickly so the firefighters and other first responders can go home to their families. I would also like to express my condolences to the people who have lost their friends or family in the fire, and for those who are looking for their missing friend or family member. I hope that in the end, we can rebuild from this large disaster…

This has been Noe New and I hope to see you next time!


    • 1noer

      Thank you for your support we are getting through and helping others along the way. I hope you keep reading more on my blog.

  1. Lianna

    Hi Noe,
    I’m also from California but I wasn’t near the Campfire Fire yet the Woolsey Fire. It seems like we had very similar experiences from the fire. The hill covered in brush nearby house was on fire alike many others in the area. We were also asked to stay inside or evacuate the area. It still smells like smoke in some areas.My house is ok but 8 houses in my area burned down. I hope your area is ok.
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  2. 2024akb

    Hello Noe, I am Amanda. I’ve heard about these wildfires that were started by the campfire. It’s sad that so many people had to leave their homes. It is good that you don’t live very near them. Hopefully soon they will be able to put out the fires. This was a very good post and please visit my blog at and leave a comment.

    • 1noer

      Thank you very much for all of the support. Thanks to the work of first responders and a little rain, the fire has been neutralized and now the air quality is a lot better.

  3. 2024cad

    Hello Noe, I am Cashton! I saw your blog, I am happy you are okay. The wildfires get worse every year. It is cool to read the words written by a person who had to evacuate. I have a couple questions about it. How was the whole experience when you left your home? Did you have any pets? Are you staying with a relative? Hope you visit my blog!

    • 1noer

      Thank for the support I did have to leave my house and I did have a few pets when I left my house. I had a small wiener dog chihuahua mix, my 7 mules, 5 cows, and most of our crops. The good things the animals survived and so did our bean stock. We are staying with my uncle J-Hope’s, and we are doing just fine. The way you can help me out is by sharing Noe News with the rest and friends. I hope you read more Noe News in the future and I hope to see you in the next article.

  4. 2024irp

    Hi! I’m Ian. I really liked how you decided to write about this. Though I have already read and seen a lot about the fires in CA your post was still very interesting. I hope you can visit my blog

  5. Elias

    Hey Elias here, sorry for everything that’s going on. I hope those 1300 lost ones return to their families safely. I’m glad you and everyone in your area is OK though. Remember Noe , even in the darkest of hours, a sliver of hope remains. stay strong, stay safe.

  6. 2024dlh

    Hi my name is Dakotah and I am glad that you are ok and this is a amazing blog. I find that the way you right is very descriptive and I like that about your blog. Next is the way you included all of the harmful things and compared it with other places to show how bad it is.The third is how you put things in your blog on the first reasopeders and how hard they are working to put out the fire. I found you blog very informational and I learned a lot with your blog, come visit my blog

  7. 2024cg

    Hi Noe! I know It is tough with the giant fire, but I’m sure you will make it. It is terrible that this could even happen, you would think someone would do something about it. Finally I hope your able to get back to your normal life soon.

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