SBC Week 5: Two types of people in this world

There is a current trend out there that is basically trying to state that there are only two ways of thinking.  It’s usually about things that people do in their daily lives. I decided to make some examples for all of you to see.

What type of people are you guys? Let me know down in the comments. Your reading Noe News and as ill see you in the next article.


  1. 24lilyz

    First off, really cool blog format! Do you like outer space? I’m probably A for all of your two types of people. Especially the first one, I hate breakfast. Cool post.
    Lily (

    • 1noer

      Thank you Lilyz for the great comment, also yes I really like outer space and all of the cool things in it. I hope that you read more Noe News and as always I’ll see you in the next article.

  2. For starters, your blog looks absolutely amazing! Me being a true gamer, I put my ketchup to the side of my fries, I don’t put it on my fries. Second of all, of course I use technology instead of reading, it’s what gamers do.

    • 1noer

      Thanks, glad to see other epic gamers on here reading my blog hope you keep reading so you can achieve the epic Victory Royal.

  3. michellecs

    I’m the type of person to have cereal for breakfast in the morning, if I have time to eat in the morning. What’s your favorite breakfast meal?

  4. Nardeen

    Hi Noe,
    I really like this post. For the first one, I never really eat breakfast, but I am definitely more of an A person. I never take too much time to make food because I have no patience to create something that will be eaten anyways. For the second one, it depends on the sauce/condiment I’m using. I am usually A. For the last one, I am all the way and A person. I seriously cannot focus on one thing to long. I can’t study without feeling the need to move around, check something else, take a break, etc. (Unless I am reading a really good book like The Hate U Give). What would you choose from the options?
    Visit me at anytime at !

    • 1noer

      When I made this post my answers where B, A, A, and my tastes are still the same I really like to cook and I have to say that I really like using technology. Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you keep on reading.

  5. kimiyacs

    Noe, I really like the theme of your blog! The outer space background is super cool. I like this post a lot because it’s a really fun way of connecting with your readers. I think that creating a blog post about the two types of different people was a really great idea. Keep up the great work!

  6. Kathleen Morris

    Hi Noe,

    I’m really enjoying reading your blog. You’re very creative!

    How did you make the images above?

    I actually like reading my books in a third way which is on my phone! The thing I like most about this is that I always have my phone with me. So if I find myself waiting in line etc. I can pull out my phone and read my book! How do you like to read?

    Keep up your great work! I’ll share your blog in our week 6 STUBC post which goes out tomorrow.


    • 1noer

      Thank you, Kathleen, for enjoying and reading my blog and for putting me on the week 6 post. I was able to make the pictures using google slides and downloading them as a JPEG. I personally don’t like to read that much I have always been more of a T.V person but thank you again for reading, and as always i’ll see you in the next post.

  7. Zeph

    Hey Noe!

    Your blog looks so cool! I love the galaxy background! I like both cereal and a full on breakfast but if I had to choose then it would be B, I normally don’t like condiments but I would most certainly choose A since I feel it is more cleaner to just put you sauce on the side, and finally I would choose A since I’m drowned in technology! Nice blog and hopefully you can post more stuff like this!


  8. 2024dlh

    Hi Noe, my name is Dakotah I really like the choices you had. My answers are 1.B 2.A and 3.A what are yours. The reason I choose B for number 1 is because breakfast is the most important meal and I love more complex meals and no bland ones. For number 2. Is A because then I will put as much or as little on things as I like. Number three is also A because I feel like I find things so much easier. That is why I liked your post and what my answers are.

  9. ralph cactus

    Honestly I think I could settle for any of these, but this is a good post regardless. Either breakfast is fine, I don’t mind having the sauce on the side or on, and I enjoy both screens and books.

  10. 2024ptl

    Hi Loe, I’m Parker. I really think that it is interesting the way you depict your 2 types of people. At the top for cereal vs real I’m a bacon and real food person. What type of person are you? Finally I am a no ketchup on fries what about you? You can reply @ Thank You!

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